Monday, October 24, 2011

Above the Fog

From my window, I saw a clear, blue sky with a layer of fog covering the city below.

It reminded me of how difficult being in the valley can be. The fog engulfs you, and you try to understand. You try to see, but you're limited. There might be moments of beauty, but for the most part, it's confusing and uncertain not being able to see what's ahead.

Standing on the hillside where we live, the air was clear and bright. The blanket of fog that stretched over the city was beautiful.

My heart knows that this picture is what it's like to be with God. When I'm on my own, trying to make things happen or doing what I think is best, it's like being in a valley of fog and hoping it all works out. But when I come before my Lord and spend time with Him, He takes me up on the hillside and shows me the big picture.

That's when my heart sings with joy, love, and peace.

That's when what seemed confusing and hard, becomes glorious and wonderful. But the fog is still fog. It didn't change. Jesus Christ changed my perspective and showed me the beauty.

I pray this picture will encourage us when we are in the fog to turn to the One who can give us a higher perspective and show us the beauty that only He reveals. Amen.

Monday, October 3, 2011