Monday, April 29, 2013

New Adventure-Gardening

 If you asked me what my top 10 priorities are in life, gardening would not have made the list, but life is full of surprises. My boyfriend Tobin and I have started our own garden on my parent's property. We started by planting beans, cucumber, corn, basil, watermelon, tomato plants (not seeds), bell peppers, zucchini, and green onions. Plus tending to the strawberries and berry plant that were still growing from my brother's old garden.

(Above: Beans sprouted first about two weeks after planting.) 

 (Cucumber was a close second and then corn.)

(Recently we transplanted the corn out of the greenhouse. Later we learned that corn is hardy enough to be planted in the ground directly and doesn't need to start in the greenhouse. I'm sure there will be a lot of lessons to learn through this new journey.)

(Our most recent plant that is ready to be added to the garden is zucchini.)

Everything we first planted has become a plant except green onion. We are still waiting to see if anything will grow or if they were bad seeds. Most recently, bell peppers have finally emerged. I almost began to doubt that they would ever grow but persistence paid off. 

Since we started, we have added cantaloupe, pumpkin, parsley, cilantro, summer squash, and artichoke. Plus receiving three more tomato plants. Pumpkin is the only one that has emerged so far but looking forward to the new surprises. It's exciting to watch them grow and see the transformation. More to come!