-Who are You?                             -Broken Vows                            -Beauty Resides       
-Flash                                           -Healing                                     -Arms: Never Sever
-Hold Me Together                       -Snipped Bud                            -Everlasting
                                                    -To Follow                                 -The Enemy

"Who are You?"

Who are You?
For I see You
                        in the clouds and in the rain,
                        the sun and the light.
I see You
in the sob and the tear,               
the smile and the cheer.
I see You
                         in the pattern and the system,
                        the arts and the sciences
The design of life,
I can’t ignore.

It doesn’t make sense
                        I can’t feel You,
but I feel You
                        I can’t hear You,
but I hear You
                        I haven’t met You,
                                    but I know You
And yet, it makes perfect sense
                        Your voice is sweet
                                    And Your hand is gentle
                        Your path is hard
                                    And Your staff is just
                        Your presence is soothing
                                    And Your peace is addicting

Who are You?
More than the name I hear.
It’s said like a joke...
            or a duty...
                        a dirty word, I fear.
I wish they knew the real You
You are a joy.
You are a pearl.
You are my King
                        My heart beats for You.
Who are You?
You’re my everything.


Here they come again—flash!
All seekers of the fame
They’re hungry for the cash
Their one and only aim

All seekers of the fame
To find out all my trash
Their one and only aim
My name they’re bound to bash

To find out all my trash
All joy in life they drain
My name they’re bound to bash
And what is found as gain?

All joy in life they drain
Their lives around that base
And what is found as gain?
To them it’s just a race

Their lives around that base
I soon will turn insane
To them it’s just a race
Their job’ll be my bane

I soon will turn insane
My kids I can’t protect
Their job’ll be my bane
My death will not affect

My kids I can’t protect
They never cease the flash
My death will not affect
Here they come again—crash!


"Hold Me Together"

To what can You be compared?
You are the beginning and the end
Life continually cycles, round and round
'Til I realize You are the center

That's when I stop spinning
That's how peace fills my searching soul
And love makes me tremble

To whom can I run?
You are my freedom and my guide
When the tornado tries to take me
You rescue me and fix my mind

That's when I know where I am
That's how I know who I am
And that's what keeps me going

All the way down, every protein in my body,
Knows You are my creator
And You hold me together

“Broken Vows”

A rock, cut
Sparkling in the light.
Left! Only a hard wood surface.
No company to embrace
Alone, no finger to decorate.
Whether by choice or by fate,
Longing for former days,
But bound by more than hasty words
And stubborn pride—its state
Is locked secure in unsaid words
And two closed-minds.


     Who can fix           a broken heart?
   True our hearts      are hard to mend
   Though we set          our wits to tend
    This  great   feat       from  us  depart
   In   these   minds    we see as whole
    But look close       into  our  soul
        Wounded,       Scarred,
  Hungry     for our

(This poem I wanted the structure of the lines to express the speaker’s state—a broken heart longing for healing.)

"Snipped Bud"

I never thought it’d end so fast
How long could I expect it’d last?
Our lives from different soil extend
But careful hands employed we tend
This budding bloom together we grew
My goodness praises from you drew.
Respect and trust our pedals formed.
Regret? Now that I’m thus scorned?
Another found and I am out
Time to lay down and pout.

Never! My goodness has not changed
Thus will I not be caged.
My worth lies not within his eyes
For human sight is filled with lies.
A love I have eternally
My soul His light now found is best.
His arms define my rest.
Though some may find it cheesy
In Him, life’s ever pleasing.

So think of me howe’er you may
Its height, I’ll live every new day
In joy, in love, in peace, in hope.
My thoughts of you I want to stay? Nope.
Be gone—be blessed—but stay away.
My dreams of you remain at bay
My heart needs more than you can give.
Such splendid sunrise draws me—live!
Its Son shines bright in morning rays
Refreshment to my soul in many ways.

Fresh bud was stop’d before its bloom
Easy to dwell upon its doom
But firmly root, remain in place—one Word.
Without the light, new growth would be absurd!

“To Follow”

Regret the time with you?

Yes! I want to scream.
I ache, working side-by-side like strangers
A constant reminder, that things have changed.
I’m tired of waking, and thinking of you first.
I’m tired of you both, as you ignore my presence.
I’m tired of doing the right thing, and being shut out.
I’m tired of being kind, as my head bangs against your wall.
I’m tired…

Never again will things be the same and I wonder why.
Great friends, now that gift is lost.
Perhaps friends we’d still be, had we been content.
Now like mirrors to a fat woman, we work in tension
Pretending ignorance of each other’s fears and insecurities,
Our quirks and sayings; our joys and passions.

I know you!
How can you look at me as if we’ve never spoken?
I trusted you!
How can you treat me like I never mattered?
I respected you!
How can you ignore my care?
I loved you!
How could you forget me?
I blessed you!
How could you run from my love?
Am I now some kind of monster, that you shun me?
I have not changed, so why have you?

Let me go—you have her to run to and forget.
Let me go—the scabs of betrayal rip open when you’re near.
Let me go—it’s not fair to wring my heart every week.
Let me go—I never did you wrong, stop tormenting me.
Let me go!

As emotions surge with agony,
Something deep within calls—reconsider.
The joys shared, some never know.
The memories that cling,
Like a static-ridden skirt on a dry day,
Give empathy for others.
But most of all, character has withstood
And been strengthened
For our lives without God are as sand
On the shore—soft, worthless, and irritating
But, when the lighting strikes,
Glass is formed and useful we become

You threw me aside—but I loved you still
You pursued her—and I opened my arms to her as well
You avoided me—and I greeted you as a brother
You shut me out—and I respected your boundaries
You ran from me—and I prayed for you
You’ll never make me bitter
Because I’ve chosen a greater love.
I've chosen to love with the love of a man on a cross.
His is the life I’ve chosen to emulate
Because nowhere
Have I found such sweet, unwavering love!

No matter what you do—I will continue to be kind.
No matter where you go—I will continue to pray.
No matter how you treat people—I will continue to love.
Because of you—His love has grown sweeter.
So I thank you.
I’ve picked up my cross, and I’ve chosen to follow


"Beauty Resides"

When all hope seems gone,
When all joy seems spent
And all peace seems lost
Those are the days, that meant the most

When you're too tired to take another step
Or breathe another breath
When your heart is full
And your mind won't rest
Those are the days, true beauty resides

For the soul is in need
That only One can fill
Living Water, for the body, mind, and spirit
So pour out the ache
In the way you're designed
For a deeper connection is yours to find.

"Arms: Never Sever"

Sitting there upon His lap
Like a young girl taking a nap
So safe and warm
Not a care or forlorn
His arms caress her little chest
Like a mother’s wing in her nest
Cares forgotten, life’s monoton’
Banished and filled with serenity

Could this, her life be spent forever?
No, not yet is so happy a day
So continue yon’ endeavor
At His feet your cares to lay
This child from day to day
From You can never sever
‘Tis her Father to whom she runs
For her mistake, He paid the duns

Dreary, now she must leave
To her Father, she wants to cleave
Reassures her of His love
As gently as a dove
To life, she must return
For the butter must be churned
Averse, she releases her desire
Knowing His arms will never tire

She can return in a flash
Any time she feels bashed
 To recharge and recuperate
She can never stay too late
Strength and endurance are her gifts
Her Father helps her spirits to lift
Grateful she will always be
To her Father, who will never leave

 (Inspired by Psalms 118)

You know my heart’s desire
For I’m consumed by fire;
The greatness of Your love is vast
Your gentleness will last,
You’ll carry me home
 For I’m never alone
You fill me with Your Spirit
And teach me to fear it
Your loving kindness is everlasting

O Lord, I long to follow You
But what I say is not what I do
Yet you cleanse me with Your blood
And help me from the mud
My heart’s forever Yours
For You released me from my cords
Yes sin has lost its power
I no longer have to cower
Your loving kindness is everlasting

No matter where I wander
Your arms bid me yonder
They encompass a little lass
And yet I continue to pass
Always missing my mark
You keep playing the part
You’re the number one Dad
Even when I am mad
Your loving kindness is everlasting

I wonder, who am I?
That You would take the time
To know my every thought
And yet You hate me naught
My ev’ry hair is known
You keep me safe for I’m Your own
My praise be brought before Your throne
Whose consolation calms each moan
Your loving kindness is everlasting

O Lord, from my distress
You save me from my mess
I call to You for help
And on my knees I knelt
You whisper You’re for me
I know You’ll never leave
What power’s in men’s sneer?
I have nothing to fear
Your loving kindness is everlasting

Because of what you did for me
Grateful may I always be
Out of a heart You filled with love
That only comes from up above
Here is my life for You
Use me the way Your Will may move
May I stay faithful to Your Son
Just as a cat is to her cub
Your loving kindness is everlasting

 "The Enemy"

                                                                          they come.
                                                                          With weapons set
                                                                          to hit a target
                                                                          they aim.
                                                                          A deadly skill
                                                                          purposed to kill
                                                                          they shoot.
                                                                          Celebrate, they surely will
                                                                          for the hole, that can't be filled.
                                                                          they wound.
                                                                          Down to the core
                                                                          is the festered sore—yet
                                                                          they quake. (let them quake)
                                                                          Deliv'red from their hand
                                                                          in healing water I stand.
                                                                        they lose.
                                                                        It's such fun
                                                                        to have the battle—already won.

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