Friday, August 5, 2011

Living like a Humming Bird

I sat on a rock outside the front of our house, watching a green, humming bird bathe in the trickling waterfall from our pond. He dipped in the water and ruffled his feathers, making the water droplets look as though they lept off the tiny bird. He repeatedly dipped in the cool water, thoroughly enjoying himself in the summer sun before zipping here and there--wherever he pleased. He was fast. He kept busy, yet he was light and without burden.

Leaning back, I found how enjoyable watching him zip here and there was. Sometimes, he had a purpose. Sometimes, he was curious. But he was beautiful to me. He's not like other birds who soar or gracefully dive in the air. He always appears busy with constant energy, but he was uniquely beautiful. He didn't need to play tag in the air like a crow, swoop like a hawk, or flutter like a finch. He was exactly the way he was made.

I made a comment to the Lord about how I enjoyed watching him, and I heard the soft whisper in my heart, "That's how I am with you when you're living the way I created you to be." Suddenly, an image came to my mind of the humming bird, filled with worry and fear. He didn't have time to be enjoyed because he was too busy striving to make sure he had enough to eat, took care of those he loved, and most all...strove to get everything exactly right. The sight of a weighed-down humming bird was so wrong that it hurt me to imagine. I knew in a moment God was showing me that He wants me to be the way I was created. I don't have to be a humming bird, wishing I could soar like another bird. I don't have to burden myself with trifle necessities that God knows I need. I can be at peace. I can be enjoyed by Him and be His delight by being who He created me to be--His.


  1. thoroughly enjoyed this Rachael :)

    -Kimberly M.

  2. Thanks Renee and Kim! I hope it is a blessing to anyone who reads it! :D