Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unknown Place

Have you ever had a vision in your head of an unknown place? Maybe it’s a glimpse of your life in the future, or someone with whom you are spending your life. Perhaps the place is a state of being, the lives you’ve touched, or the people who’ve changed because of knowing you. Then again, maybe it’s more…

For me, it’s like standing in a desert, looking at a picture through a veil. The beginning of a sandstorm kicks up all around me as I try to see the image. I might succeed in seeing colors or vague shapes, but the image is never clear. Like a mystery behind a curtain that I can’t touch or lift by myself. But it’s there. A promise that keeps me moving forward through the wilderness, even when things around me are taunting my ability, whispering words of failure; and that I don’t really know what I’m doing, or where I’m going.

I am reminded of a group of people who once were led by a pillar of fire to the promise land, but I have no pillar of fire before me. Sometimes, I find myself getting so lost in everything I see around me, I can’t help but beg for something physical to guide me. I complain that it’d be so much easier to follow something I can see, but then I feel it…

The fire is in my heart; He guides those willing to listen.

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